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Cyanotype on Fabric, Installation  ||  Size Variable

Everyone has a unique body sketching our changes since birth. To reveal its real state, all it takes is simply a beam of sunlight. The body on glowing cotton is a collage of illusion and reality, depicting participants’ bodies and outlines the shape of beauty. The instability of the cyanotype printing, with the subtle postures of the participants, embodies different levels of feelings and thoughts. We shall recognize our mesmerising bodies in a shining way.

每個人的形體都是獨一無二的,它刻劃著每個人出生以來 的所有經歷。將它們的真實面貌暴露在光線底下,重新呈 現出來。 陽光把肢體、體態都糅合在棉布上,模糊了虛與實的邊 緣,演繹著被記錄者的胴體,紀錄下它們美的形態。 藍曬的不穩定性,再加上被記錄者微細的動作姿態,為影 像帶來更豐富的層次,以不同的方式再次認識彼此的 軀體。

|| 2023, Bloomsy, Bloomsy things. 綻放 紅, ArtèThing, Hong Kong

|| 2023, UNUSUAL [Virtual], The Holy Art Gallery, London and Athens

|| 2023, In My View [Online], Gallery Omata

|| 2021, School of Creative Media Annual Show 2021, Hong Kong

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