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Rose on Lipstick Ver.1 & ver. 2  玫瑰與口紅  (2022)
Cyanotype  ||  1920 mm x 1180 mm, 2 pieces

Cyanotype - Clairvoyance of Nature Itself Bathing under the sun, I shred myself and fade into the blue. Shadow turns into skin, and sweat evaporates as my unique perfume. Inviting my audience to notice me, I remained naked, and was seen thoroughly. Drenched into the depths of water, fondled by gentle hands, caressed my every parts, seduced by erotic demands. Soaked into the rose pool, and arouse their blood-red desire, wishing for my audience to stay while they admire. Blue and red create the lavender haze, yearning for my audience to return for my final gaze.

藍曬法下的事物本質總是表露無遺—— 在陽光見證下,我把身上的錦衣華服逐漸褪去,以最赤裸的狀態邀請看客欣賞我的深處。 沖洗過程如沐浴般,以指腹、掌心輕柔地撫過胴體體,輕拭著每個部份,挑逗著彼此的愛慾。 最後,讓我浸泡在馥郁的酒池,再塗上自身初潮般鮮紅的慾望,懇求著散場的看客為我停留最終的凝望。

|| 2023, Bloomsy, Bloomsy things. 綻放 紅, ArtèThing, Hong Kong

|| 2023, UNUSUAL [Virtual], The Holy Art Gallery, London and Athens

|| 2022, Asia One Photographic Awards:《起渣》Pixilated, Singing Waves Gallery, Hong Kong

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