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Yau Wing Leung, Thomas (b.1998), graduated in Creative Media from the City University of Hong Kong in 2021, and currently lives, and works in Hong Kong. Yau’s art practice excels in the use of image transformation, exploring the possibility of cyanotype from documenting to visual communication. Yau’s art practice focuses on photography, installation and art direction, and experience in the production of the performing arts.


Yau’s work "Handle with care" was shortlisted in the "Colors of Humanity Art Award" and exhibited at the Goethe-Gallery, and his photography work received the Asia One Photographic Award in 2022; the Art and Science Award 2021, and Fountain Prize 2021, recognized by “Standard Shell” after graduation in 2021. Yau works as the Creative Coordinator at the Performing Arts(Theatre) of the West Kowloon Cultural District Authority and as part of the Technical and Production Team at the CHAT, The Mills, and worked as intern in Art Central 2021.

邱永亮(Yau Wing Leung, Thomas),1998 年出生,於 2021 年畢業於香港城市大學創意媒體系,現居香港並從事藝術創作。邱氏 擅長運用圖像轉換技術,探索藍曬攝影法的可能性,將其從紀錄轉化為視覺溝通。邱氏的藝術實踐主要涉及攝影、裝置藝術、藝 術指導以及表演藝術製作方面的經驗。


邱氏的近期作品入選了人性的色彩藝術奬,攝影作品亦曾於 2022 年獲得了宏亞攝影獎、2021 年的藝術與科學獎以及噴泉獎 2021 的認可。目前,邱氏任職西九文化區表演藝術處(戲劇)創意統籌及六廠紡織文化藝術館技術及製作團隊,並曾參與 Art Central 2021 的實習計劃。


Asia One Photographic Awards 2021/22

STANDARD SHELL || Fountain Prize 2021

STANDARD SHELL || Best of The Show - Art and Science Award 2021


2023 || ‘Colours of Humanity’ Art Prize 2023人性的色彩藝術奬, Goethe-Gallery, Hong Kong

2023 || Bloomsy, Bloomsy things.綻放 紅, ArtèThing, Hong Kong

2023 || UNUSUAL [Virtual], The Holy Art Gallery, London and Athens

2023 || In My View [Online], Gallery Omata

2022 || Asia One Photographic Awards:《起渣》Pixilated, Singing Waves Gallery, Hong Kong

2021 || School of Creative Media Annual Show 2021, Hong Kong


2022 || Asia One Photographic Awards:《起渣》Pixilated, Hong Kong

2021 || School of Creative Media Annual Show 2021, Hong Kong

Performing Arts Project

2023 || Creative Co-ordinator, TechBox 2023: The Travellers and The Listeners, Freespace, Hong Kong

2022 || Project Co-ordinator, Future of Performance: Bright Day, Freespace, Hong Kong

2022 || Project Co-ordinator, TechBox: Interaction of colour in space (Work-in-progress), Freespace, Hong Kong


Media Production

2023 || Art Director, Short Film,《願望海》"The Blue Desire"

2022 || Producer, Short Film,《於無花果樹裏尋花》"Finding Love in Fig"

2020 || Art Direction, Short Film,《夢囈》

2019 || Producer, Video Installation,《游泳,在維多利亞的海洋》"Swim, in the sea of Victoria"

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