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Handle with care 小心處理  (2023)
Rose Petals on PVC, LED ||  60cm x 60cm x 10cm

Extracting the essence through continuous boiling, the petals appear in a thin, transparent and fragile form as if a naked individual. Rearranged the petals and continuously layered by three levels, each layer bolsters the connection among them. The faded petals gradually regain their vibrancy, reshaping into pale pink and light yellow, presenting a state of warmth and peace.

Each petal undergoes careful selection, only the flawless ones are included. The arrangement ensures their protection and proper handling to prevent any damage. However, being treated specially, could it also be seen as another form of damage? The LGBTQ+ community faces a similar dilemma. Should we strive for equality by proclaiming it loudly or by treating the community normally?



|| 2023, ‘Colours of Humanity’ Art Prize 2023, 人性的色彩藝術奬, Goethe-Gallery, Hong Kong

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Handle with care_2
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